Northrop T-38 Talon

for images of the closely-related F5 and F20 aircraft, look in the /aviapix/PostWW2/Fighters/Post-Vietnam/ section.
AETC-38-1.jpg 16298 bytes T-38 on the flightline
AETC-38-117.jpg 17408 bytes Rare pic of a T-38 side by side with an F-117 at sunset
AETC-38-2ship.jpg 19586 bytes Two Columbus AFB T-38s in formation, one's the Wing Commander's aircraft
AETC-38-4bnk.jpg 75262 bytes 4 Talons in formation and banking left
AETC-38-4ship.jpg 28917 bytes Nice shot of 4 of Columbus's AT & T-38 aircraft
AETC-38-col2.jpg 37215 bytes And one more pic of 2 Columbus AFB Talon's pulling up and right in tight formation
AETC-38lauinf.jpg 85987 bytes Good looking side shot of a Laughlin T-38 inflight
AETC-38pic.jpg 49379 bytes Painting of a T-38 zipping through the clouds (B&W)
AETC-38rnd2.jpg 54610 bytes 2 Talons from Randolph climbing hard at 45 degrees!
AETC-38rndwtr.jpg 92786 bytes A T-38 from Randolph AFB over water
AETC-38sd82.jpg 50222 bytes A Talon from the now closed Williams AFB, sporting the Project Warrior paint scheme
AETC-38sdfltl.jpg 54310 bytes Nice profile view of a Talon on the flightline
AETC-38step.jpg 159 bytes 2 T-38 pilots, stepping out to their aircraft
AETC-38sunrec.jpg 44360 bytes Sunset recovery of a T-38
AETC-38sunset.jpg 36598 bytes Very nice shot of 2 Talons, gear down, at sunset
AETC-38taxi.jpg 55623 bytes T-38 at Vance AFB heading out to take off
AETC-38taxi2.jpg 184004 bytes A T-38 heading out to launch
AETC-38tbirds.jpg 31708 bytes Thunderbirds 1-4, back in the 38 days
AETC-38vert3.jpg 81378 bytes 3 Talons going through the vert, in formation
AETC-at38col.jpg 19246 bytes Inflight side shot of a Columbus AFB AT-38
AETC-at38rnd2.jpg 20933 bytes Front/side view of an AT on the ramp at Randolph AFB
AETC-j85.jpg 126060 bytes The J85 Engine, the power behind the T-38 Talon!
AETC-t38-3.jpg 169 bytes Three Talons high in formation
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