Lockheed P-3 Orion

electra.jpg 39578 bytes Another picture of a Lockheed Electra which was modified at Jacksonville Naval Air Depot
MB-p3.jpg 31179 bytes no description
MB-rp3a.jpg 24705 bytes no description
p3-1.jpg 39606 bytes Picture of a P-3 in a bank turn with its bomb bay doors open.
p3-10.jpg 17379 bytes A rare picture of three EP-3E reconnaissance aircraft, all exhibiting different antenna fits.
p3-11.jpg 10614 bytes Among the more remarkable of the special mission variants are the EP-3A (EATS) aircraft which fly with the Pacific Missile Test Center at NAS Point Mugu. The Extended Area Test System, comprising a phased-array antenna in the fin projection, is used f or range support.
p3-12.jpg 32892 bytes The first CP-140 Aurora is based on the Orion airframe but incorporates the anti-submarine warfare suite from the S-3A Viking.
p3-13.jpg 18064 bytes An unusual civilian use of the Orion is firefighting. Six P-3As are currently flying with Aero Union at Chico, California, modified with a 3,000-US gal ventral tank.
p3-14.jpg 25744 bytes A P-3AEW "Blue Sentinel" aircraft that flies with the US Customs Service, dedicated to detecting smuggling operations from Davis-Montan AFB and New Orleans.
p3-15.jpg 20554 bytes P-3A model overwater
p3-16.jpg 12841 bytes P-3A inflight
p3-17.jpg 34537 bytes P-3A (ASW) profile drawing
p3-18.jpg 20516 bytes P-3B
p3-19.jpg 16610 bytes P-3B
p3-2.jpg 20058 bytes Lockheed Electra N1883 was used as an aerodynamic prototype for the Orion, featuring dummy MAD boom and weapons bay projections. It is seen here before having the fuselage shortened to Orion dimensions.
p3-20.jpg 20900 bytes P-3B (ASW) profile drawing
p3-21.jpg 31526 bytes P-3B
p3-22.jpg 30283 bytes P-3B
p3-23.jpg 21555 bytes P-3C (ASW) profile drawing
p3-24.jpg 19388 bytes P-3C
p3-25.jpg 15966 bytes A picture of a P-3C based at NAS Brunswick, Maine.
p3-26.jpg 12664 bytes P-3C
p3-27.jpg 18150 bytes P-3C (ASW) profile drawing front view
p3-28.jpg 28612 bytes Notable for their unusual camouflage, the Iranian P-3Fs played an important part in the Gulf War with Iraq, flying from Bandar Abbas. Due to chronic spare shortages, it is thought that only one or two are left airworthy
p3-29.jpg 19100 bytes EP-3B/C (Electronic Warfare Variant) profile drawing
p3-3.jpg 39710 bytes The Orion can carry a wide variety of stores, covering the entire anti-ship/anti-sub spectrum. Illustrated in front of the Australian P-3C are Harpoon missiles, torpedoes, sonobuoys, and smoke markers.
p3-30.jpg 17448 bytes EP-3C
p3-31.jpg 16721 bytes EP-3C
p3-32.jpg 30916 bytes A P-3 flying over NAS Jacksonville.
p3-33.jpg 21147 bytes A picture of a P-3B of VP-92 in the Tactical Paint Scheme.
p3-34.jpg 50418 bytes The P-3 pilot has a well-designed cockpit, with an excellent outside view. At his control is a powerful and responsive aircraft.
p3-35.jpg 46249 bytes The heart of the mission system is the Tactical Co-ordinator (TACCO) station. Information from all the sensors is displayed on the large screen.
p3-36.jpg 48798 bytes In addition to pre-loaded sensors, sonobuoys can be loaded into tubes during flight to meet varying operational requirements. Buoys are ejected backwards to fall exactly under the aircraft's position at the point of launch
p3-37.jpg 42468 bytes The acousitc sensor stations are positioned over the aircraft's wing, behind the non-acoustic station.
p3-38.jpg 43469 bytes Sitting opposite of TACCO, the nav/comms station is on the starboard side of the cabin, immediately behind the flight deck.
p3-39.jpg 48500 bytes Pacific Fleet Orions regularly operate from Japan, Misawa, where this aircraft gets a wash, is in the north of the country, allowing the Soviet Pacific Fleet to be monitored closely.
p3-4.jpg 22421 bytes A trio of P3V-1s from VP-8 show off the lines of the then-new maritime patroller. They were the first unit to receive the type, and were soon in action during the blockade of Cuba during the 1962 missile crisis.
p3-40.jpg 54540 bytes no description
p3-41.jpg 21141 bytes no description
p3-42.jpg 50155 bytes no description
p3-43.jpg 41151 bytes no description
p3-44.jpg 29084 bytes P-3A on firefighting duty
p3-45.jpg 47083 bytes A Japanese built P-3 flying over a mountain.
p3-46.jpg 55636 bytes A picture of a Royal Norwegian Air Force's P-3N which was modified at JAX NADEP.
p3-47.jpg 64011 bytes Applications of lasers in undersea technology by NADC.
p3-48.jpg 43250 bytes A CP-140 Aurora from Canadian Forces 407 Squadron located in Comox, B.C. flies over Snowy Valley
p3-5.jpg 21577 bytes Designed to patrol for long hours over the ocean, the Orion is also very fast and surprisingly maneuverable, allowing it to undertake attacks against both surfaces and submarine targets and to dodge defenses. (P-3B shown)
p3-50.jpg 51375 bytes P-3C firing a "Maverick" missile.
p3-51.jpg 17501 bytes BUNO 148889 as Droop Snoop Testbed.
p3-52.jpg 14551 bytes Another CP-140 picture.
p3-53.jpg 64766 bytes A pair of P-3s in formation flight.
p3-6.jpg 22523 bytes P-3C in landing configuration
p3-7.jpg 18150 bytes P-3C in landing configuration
p3-8.jpg 21562 bytes A picture of an Australian Orion.
p3-9.jpg 15407 bytes Operating at low levels over the sea plays havoc with metals, so Orions have regular washdowns to curb salt corrosion. This is a P-3C of VP-24 in the Jacksonville, Florida washing facility.
p3-art.gif 6840 bytes no description
p3.jpg 11882 bytes no description
pc3or.jpg 65238 bytes PC3 Orion
TIA-ep3e.jpg 21378 bytes no description
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