post-WW2 Helicopters

2apache.jpg 51719 bytes no description
ah64sun.jpg 16809 bytes no description
apache.jpg 27782 bytes Apache Chopper going through its routine at Quonset Point.
asciet10.jpg 34104 bytes ASCIET '96. A CH-46 Sea Knight helicopter with Helicopter Combat Squadron Six (HC-6) lifts off the deck of the guided missile cruiser USS Anzio (CG 68) in an early morning fog. HC-6 provided passenger service for visitors and contractor personnel during a live missile shoot off Wallops Island, Va. Anzio participated in the final segment of the All Services Combat Identification Evaluation Team Exercise (ASCIET '96). U.S. Navy Photo by Photographer's Mate First Class Gregory S. McCreash. [960904-N-7412M-003] September 4, 1996. - US Navy Digital Imagery
blkhawk.jpg 18752 bytes no description
BPG008.GIF 228072 bytes no description
CHINOOK.JPG 207980 bytes no description
dronepic.jpg 94341 bytes An H-3 Sea King helicopter from Fleet Composite Squadron Eight (VC-8) recovers a BQM target drone launched during a recent training exercise off the coast of Puerto Rico. U.S. Navy Photo by Photographer's Mate First Class Michael Rinaldi. [961210-N-8977R-001] December 10, 1996. - US Navy Digital Imagery
g-hems.jpg 287467 bytes no description
H-h19d-1.jpg 25232 bytes Greek (Hellas) H-19 D Chickasaw
H04S3-1.jpg 19635 bytes no description
H04S3-2.jpg 26209 bytes no description
H5-1.jpg 17096 bytes no description
H5-2.jpg 27468 bytes no description
hh-60h-2.jpg 49559 bytes An HH-60H Seahawk, assigned to Helicopter Anti-Submarine Squadron One Five (HS-15), lifts from the flight deck of USS Enterprise (CVN 65) during Combined Joint Fleet Exercise '96 (CJTFEX), a multinational exercise involving over 50,000 personnel from the U.S., Britain, and Canada which took place in April 1996. The helo was conducting search and rescue operations training. U.S. Navy photo by Photographer's Mate Airman John Leahy [960426-N-2199L-003] April 26, 1996. - US Navy Digital Imagery
HIND-2.gif 83216 bytes no description
HIND-3.gif 83256 bytes no description
HIND.gif 284922 bytes no description
huey-2.jpg 18790 bytes Bell Huey
HUP-3-1.jpg 25814 bytes no description
HUP-3-2.jpg 26425 bytes no description
JM-Mi8.jpg 80139 bytes Finnish Army Mil Mi-8 (Oulu International Airshow, June 7, 1997)
ka50.jpg 48499 bytes KA50, next generation Russian attack helicopter
le_ab412_1.JPG 60968 bytes - Eric Krikke AVIAWORLD's Military Aircraft Photo Gallery
LL-2mi24.jpg 12215 bytes two Mi-24, Mil Hinds
LL-ka25.jpg 77095 bytes Ka-25, Kamov 'Hormone'
LL-ka50.jpg 35069 bytes Ka-50, Kamov 'Hokum'
LL-ka50a.jpg 81477 bytes Ka-50, Kamov 'Hokum'
LL-mi24.jpg 17656 bytes Mi-24, Mil 'Hind'
LL-mi24side.jpg 10863 bytes Mi-24, Mil 'Hind'
LL-mi8.jpg 17242 bytes Mi-8, Mil 'Hip'
medchop.jpg 70463 bytes Army Medical Chopper UH-60 Blackhawk
mhind1.jpg 35791 bytes Czech Hinds - Paul Crossley's (RAF) Plane Page
mhind2.jpg 23592 bytes Czech Hind - Paul Crossley's (RAF) Plane Page
mhip1.jpg 75847 bytes Czech Hip - Paul Crossley's (RAF) Plane Page
MK-ch53eun.jpg 68693 bytes a German Army CH53E in UN markings
MK-hind.jpg 23797 bytes Mil Mi24 Hind
MK-weerw.jpg 24987 bytes Kamov50 Werewolf
piasek1a.jpg 24943 bytes no description
PS-mil24.jpg 16337 bytes The rotorcraft is a Mi-24 "D" or "E" model. It was travelling home with a Mi-8 "Hip" from airshows in the fall, as a fundraiser for a retirement home for Russian women test pilots. The Mi-8 damaged its tail rotor in a landing accident at Watson Lake, B.C., and was put on a truck to Edmonton, while the Hind was flown here. On the trip to Edmonton, Capt. Stew Shock of the RCAF flew the chopper from the gunner's position for 30 min. The pilot for that trip was Lt-Col. Vladimir Kalish, who flow the Mi-24 in Afghanistan. The two rotorcraft waited on the ramp at the International Airport for their ride home, an Antonov An-124 cargo plane, which arrived Dec. 24. It was still wearing the red Soviet flag and an aeroflot colour scheme. The two choppers had their rotors stowed and they were loaded up.

The Hind shows the effects of long travel in the exhaust area. It is painted up in a rather interesting scheme, the red, white and blue of the Commonwealth of Independant States. Near the cockpits is a large gold logo, some sort of logo for the Christopher Columbus 500th anniversary in 1992. On the tailboom, above the flags, are the words "Woman's flight '92". On the tip of the winglet is the "Mil" logo, I think. Note also the large fuel or cargo pods on the winglets.

R-4B-1.jpg 22538 bytes no description
R-4B-2.jpg 36126 bytes no description
seahawk.gif 26680 bytes SH-60 Seahawk helicopter. Photographer's Mate First Class David H. Miller. DN-SC-94-0116 - US Navy Digital Imagery
seasprit.gif 16680 bytes SH-2 Seasprite helicopter. Photographer's Mate Airman Matt McKernan. - US Navy Digital Imagery
sh3.jpg 13806 bytes b/w Sikorsky SH-3H Sea King
sh60-dip.jpg 56216 bytes An SH-60F Seahawk from the "Nightdippers" of Helicopter Anti-submarine Squadron Five (HS 5) hovers sixty feet above the Mediterranean Sea and lowers its dipping sonar as it tracks for submarines, June 19, 1996. The Seahawk provides inner circle anti-submarine warfare defense for the carrier battle group. HS 5 is based aboard the carrier USS George Washington (CVN 73). U.S. Navy photo by Photographer's Mate Second Class Jim Vidrine [960619-N-7340V-002] 19 June 1996. - US Navy Digital Imagery
sh60f.jpg 13450 bytes Sikorsky SH-60F/HH-60H Seahawk
sikskycn.jpg 58696 bytes Sikorsky sky crane, at Quonset Point
skycrane.jpg 52391 bytes no description
TIA-ch46.jpg 45180 bytes no description
TIA-ch53.jpg 50380 bytes no description
V-12.JPG 20983 bytes World's largest helicopter: Mil's V-12/Mi-12. One of the prototypes has lifted a payload of 40,204 kg to 2,255m.
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