AETC-16-1.jpg 33943 bytes Two F-16s in flight over the ocean
AETC-16-104.jpg 65573 bytes A Falcon waits it's turn at the EOR, while a Dutch F-104 is first in line
AETC-16-4smok.jpg 36146 bytes Excellent trail shot of 4 Falcons, smoke on.
AETC-16-50.jpg 128257 bytes Nice montage reflecting the USAF's 50th anniversary--shows an AT-9 "Fledgling" (circa 1947) flowing into the throughly modern "Fighting Falcon"
AETC-16-spit.jpg 36247 bytes Very unique shot of an F-16 rolling right, with a WWII Spitfire on the wing!
AETC-162sun.jpg 83920 bytes 2 16s looking good in silhouette, sun dropping
AETC-164sw.jpg 112375 bytes 4 Falcons from Shaw AFB in tight formation
AETC-16absmk.jpg 49254 bytes Going vert with AB kickin' and wing tip smokers
AETC-16agres.jpg 157955 bytes An Aggressor C model from the 527 AS, RAF Bentwaters, UK
AETC-16agres2.jpg 77917 bytes Another Aggressor from the 527th
AETC-16ang.jpg 40656 bytes Inflight side shot of a Vermont ANG Falcon
AETC-16ang2.jpg 179657 bytes 2 ANG F-16s going vertical
AETC-16angal1.jpg 171218 bytes 2 F-16s from Alaska's ANG over a scenic lake
AETC-16angaz.jpg 97474 bytes Good look at the Arizona ANG F-16 flightline
AETC-16angtop.jpg 137919 bytes Top down, in flight view an an ANG F-16
AETC-16art.jpg 32139 bytes USAF Airman art of an F-16 on the wing of a SU-27
AETC-16at45.jpg 21286 bytes Falcon climbing up at a 45 degree angle
AETC-16canyon.jpg 52041 bytes An F-16 viewed from the side over some gorgeous terrain
AETC-16castl.jpg 81727 bytes An OUTSTANDING shot of a Spang 16, castle in the background
AETC-16catch.jpg 124393 bytes Crew chief catching a Falcon after a mission
AETC-16ckpit.jpg 57125 bytes Top down look into the cockpit of an F-16
AETC-16ckvw.jpg 132282 bytes Top down look into the cockpit of the F-16
AETC-16climb.jpg 9449 bytes F-16 screaming up through the clouds
AETC-16cok2.jpg 156277 bytes no description
AETC-16coktop.jpg 134437 bytes Boomer's view of the F-16
AETC-16cool.jpg 65401 bytes Very cool head-on look at a Falcon, loaded for bear
AETC-16desert.jpg 222505 bytes A lone Falcon on patrol over the desert
AETC-16dfrnt.jpg 39744 bytes
AETC-16dsun.jpg 49937 bytes A D model gets ready to roll, sunset framing the scene
AETC-16eor.jpg 35811 bytes Fully loaded Falcon from Aviano ready to rock!
AETC-16falcon.jpg 101671 bytes A Falcon rising, with it's namesake too
AETC-16fire.jpg 29483 bytes An F-16 from Spangdahlem AB bursting through a fire cloud!
AETC-16flag.jpg 79819 bytes Very nice side shot of 2 Luke Falcons, with the American flag as a backdrop
AETC-16front.jpg 16064 bytes Front view of an F-16 in flight
AETC-16frtflg.jpg 116432 bytes Another head on look, with the American flag as a backdrop
AETC-16frttax.jpg 91945 bytes Front view of a Falcon taxiing out
AETC-16grroll.jpg 49409 bytes An F-16, gear down, and rolling in
AETC-16grwtr.jpg 121031 bytes An F-16 coming in "feet wet"
AETC-16harm.jpg 148486 bytes An artistic rendition of a Block 50 HARM launch
AETC-16harmwg.jpg 140985 bytes An F-16 pilot checks out the cockpit prior to flight
AETC-16hdon.jpg 151663 bytes Up close and personal with the 16 on the ramp!
AETC-16highg.jpg 13589 bytes An F-16 cranking through a high G turn
AETC-16hl.jpg 79167 bytes Good view of an A model from Hill AFB cruising the ranges
AETC-16hl2.jpg 96755 bytes An F-16 from Hill AFB drops a laser guided bomb
AETC-16invsun.jpg 26582 bytes Falcon inverted with nice sunset as a backdrop
AETC-16lfdsrt.jpg 27483 bytes Another nice side, desert shot of an F-16 from Luke AFB
AETC-16luk2.jpg 20878 bytes An F-16 from Luke AFB with one of their former F-15Es on the wing
AETC-16luk3.jpg 19491 bytes Three F-16s in formation from Luke AFB
AETC-16luk45.jpg 124636 bytes Nice shot of a Luke F-16, 60 degrees nose high
AETC-16luk6.jpg 77832 bytes 6 Falcons from Luke AFB over the Grand Canyon
AETC-16lukbig.jpg 133433 bytes Crisp and clean shot of one of Luke's Falcons
AETC-16lukcyn.jpg 121219 bytes Top down look at the Luke CC's Falcon over a canyon
AETC-16lukmtn.jpg 29096 bytes An F-16 from Luke AFB over the desert
AETC-16lukrlt.jpg 46569 bytes One of Luke AFB's 16s rolling left
AETC-16lukrmp.jpg 139545 bytes Side ramp view of one of Luke's old A models
AETC-16luksid.jpg 47821 bytes Profile view of a Falcon from Luke AFB over the desert
AETC-16maint.jpg 73357 bytes Montage of F-16 maintenance troops in action
AETC-16mj4.jpg 136962 bytes 4 Vipers going feet dry from Misawa AB, Japan
AETC-16moon.jpg 70108 bytes Very cool moon-rise shot...
AETC-16mount.jpg 141592 bytes Front view of an F-16 over a mountain range
AETC-16ncrew.jpg 115069 bytes Portrait of the machine and the people that make it happen
AETC-16nit-ab.jpg 44135 bytes Side view of a Falcon in full A/B at dusk
AETC-16noses.jpg 48592 bytes Up close view of several Falcon noses
AETC-16onwing.jpg 83193 bytes Nice view of a Falcon's wingman
AETC-16ovrwtr.jpg 108639 bytes An F-16 from Hill's AFRES, over the water
AETC-16paint1.jpg 61991 bytes Coming in from above
AETC-16paint2.jpg 103712 bytes Desert Storm attack
AETC-16paint3.jpg 51481 bytes Total package
AETC-16pltchk.jpg 147641 bytes Pilot takes one final check before rolling out
AETC-16poster.jpg 40994 bytes USAF Global Presence lithograph, F-16 style
AETC-16pyrmd.jpg 50741 bytes Two Egyptian F-16s over the pyramids
AETC-16ram.jpg 96833 bytes A Ramstein Falcon in flight
AETC-16range.jpg 95738 bytes An F-16 cruising over a mountain range
AETC-16sdart.jpg 0 bytes no description
MB-f15.jpg 24557 bytes no description
MB-f16.jpg 24536 bytes no description
MK-F10412.JPG 58788 bytes F16B 312 Sqn RNLAF
MK-f16a721sq.jpg 38157 bytes Danish AF F16A 721 sqn
TIA-f16mj.jpg 38684 bytes no description
TIA-f16night.jpg 55260 bytes no description
TIA-f16tx.jpg 38686 bytes no description
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