other and unsorted British aircraft

aandover.jpg 30525 bytes E3 - XS605 - No.115 Sqn, RAF Benson Coming in to land at RAF Lossiemouth. - Paul Crossley's (RAF) Plane Page
aprovost.jpg 30372 bytes JET Provost T3A - XM475 - No.7 FTS Church Fenton, now RAF FSCTE, Manston Lining up to the runway hash marks, this solo T3A pilot approaches slowly for a touch-and-go practice landing. Note the small wing tip fuel tanks. - Paul Crossley's (RAF) Plane Page
ARROWS01.JPG 124979 bytes the Red Arrows - a British Acrobatic Team
atucano.jpg 31988 bytes T1 - ZF240 - No.3 FTS, RAF Cranwell Flaps down and prop spinning slowly as this T1 comes in to land at RAF Cranwell in Lincolnshire. Note the engine exhaust pipes behind the nose wheel. - Paul Crossley's (RAF) Plane Page
c79.jpg 42609 bytes Hunting-Percival P.84 Jet Provost T.5A at the RAF Museum, Hendon, England (9293-10)
gandover.jpg 35533 bytes E3 - XS640 - No.115 Sqn, RAF Benson Taxiing out for take-off at RAF Valley, Anglesey, North Wales, ready to return home to RAF Benson in Oxfordshire after a long day of alignment checking. - Paul Crossley's (RAF) Plane Page
gprovost.jpg 43231 bytes JET Provost T3A - XN500 - No.1 FTS RAF Linton-on-Ouse Waiting for clearance to roll out onto the runway threshold, this student is alone for a cross country trip back to Linton-on-Ouse in North Yorkshire. - Paul Crossley's (RAF) Plane Page
gtucano.jpg 45520 bytes T1 - ZF344 - No.3 FTS, RAF Cranwell Note the similarity in cockpit configuration to the BAe Hawk, the next step after the Tucano for the prospective fast jet pilot, unlike the old side-by-side Jet Provost. - Paul Crossley's (RAF) Plane Page
maew1.jpg 43393 bytes Nimrod AEW - Paul Crossley's (RAF) Plane Page
MB-venom.jpg 16510 bytes It's Venom NF.52 - version exported to Sweden.
mbull2.jpg 54301 bytes Bulldog - Paul Crossley's (RAF) Plane Page
mdesert1.jpg 38924 bytes Desert Storm Tornado GR.1 - Paul Crossley's (RAF) Plane Page
mdom1.jpg 51089 bytes Dominie - Paul Crossley's (RAF) Plane Page
mhart41.jpg 43226 bytes Harrier T.4 - Paul Crossley's (RAF) Plane Page
mmeteor1.jpg 24935 bytes The photo is of the nocturnal fighter - Meteor N.F 11 - Paul Crossley's (RAF) Plane Page
mpuma1.jpg 37540 bytes Puma - Paul Crossley's (RAF) Plane Page
mpuma2.jpg 58616 bytes Puma - Paul Crossley's (RAF) Plane Page
mreds1.jpg 37244 bytes The Red Arrows - Paul Crossley's (RAF) Plane Page
mtsr21.jpg 74372 bytes TSR-2 - Paul Crossley's (RAF) Plane Page
mwhirl1.jpg 43119 bytes Whirlwind and Wessex - Paul Crossley's (RAF) Plane Page
tsr2.gif 76128 bytes BAC TSR.2 on ground front right view
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