Hawker / Panavia Tornado

960710.jpg 13128 bytes no description
atornf3.jpg 22545 bytes Turning into the circuit, this F.3 has its wings swept fully forward, preparing for a slow approach and landing. Note the Sidewinder missile rails under the wings, one loaded, and the under-body indentations for the larger Sky Flash missiles. - Paul Crossley's (RAF) Plane Page
atorngr1.jpg 23429 bytes GR.1 - No.15(R) Sqn, RAF Honington Seconds from landing at RAF Honington in Suffolk, carrying two under-wing fuel tanks, distinctive 15 Sqn 'XV' badge on the tail next to the ILS aerial. - Paul Crossley's (RAF) Plane Page
FAF-tornado.jpg 51211 bytes Lappeenranta International Air Show 1995 - (c) 1995 Mika Ganszauge (his FAF Homepage)
FAF-tornado1.jpg 39669 bytes Tampere Air Show 1996 - (c) 1996 Mika Ganszauge (his FAF Homepage)
FAF-tornado2.jpg 86034 bytes Tampere Air Show 1996 - (c) 1996 Mika Ganszauge (his FAF Homepage)
gtornf3.jpg 31304 bytes F.3T - ZE908 - No.25 Sqn, RAF Leeming Stationary on the runway just prior to brake release, the thunderous afterburning engines straining to go. Note the large under-wing fuel tanks & wide track undercarriage. - Paul Crossley's (RAF) Plane Page
gtorngr1.jpg 41487 bytes GR.1A - ZG712 - No.13 Sqn, RAF Honington Taxiing out for a live weapons practice from RAF Valley on Anglesey, note the bolt-on flight refuelling probe tucked away below the tandem cockpit. - Paul Crossley's (RAF) Plane Page
MB-tonado_ids.jpg 28044 bytes no description
MB-tornado_adv.jpg 25236 bytes no description
MK-torn.jpg 56716 bytes no description
mtornf31.jpg 51246 bytes Tornado F.3 - Paul Crossley's (RAF) Plane Page
na-Torndo_1.jpg 121843 bytes no description
PANV_TOR.JPG 103748 bytes no description
st_tornado_fairford95.jpg 16837 bytes 45+36 - Panavia Tornado at Fairford Airshow, England on 22 July 1995.
tornabv.jpg 37376 bytes RAF Tornado overhead at Quonset Point
tornado-LM.jpg 24832 bytes Tornado, in a high G bank with the burners on.
tornado.jpg 219008 bytes no description
tornado1-TPP.jpg 6282 bytes no description - Anders Petersen / The Plane Page
tornado2-TPP.jpg 8722 bytes no description - Anders Petersen / The Plane Page
tornado3-TPP.jpg 120838 bytes no description - Anders Petersen / The Plane Page
tornado4-TPP.jpg 40326 bytes no description - Anders Petersen / The Plane Page
tornside.jpg 49152 bytes Tornado on the active runway
TORN_ADV.JPG 72738 bytes no description
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