Grumman A-6 Intruder and EA-6 Prowler

a-6.jpg 9907 bytes A6 on ground in rain
a6-001.gif 200180 bytes A6 wings folded on tarmac under mountain
a6-1.jpg 14229 bytes no description
a6-2.jpg 15222 bytes no description
A6.GIF 109568 bytes A6 in launch position on carrier - Another Dimension BBS
a6.jpg 175489 bytes A6 on static display - Jim Sterling (
a6e.jpg 36666 bytes low-viz A6 on tarmac - D. Best Photo
a6egulf3.jpg 35819 bytes Teamwork. Two A-6E Intruders, one from Medium Attack Squadron One Nine Six (VA-196), the "Main Battery", (upper aircraft), and the other from Medium Attack Squadron Seven Five (VA-75), the "Sunday Punchers", patrol over the North Arabian Gulf in support of Operation Southern Watch, and the extended no-fly zone over Iraq. VA-196, commanded by Cdr. Dave Fredericks, is embarked on board the carrier USS Carl Vinson (CVN 70) assigned to CVW-14. VA-75, commanded by Cdr. Jim Gigliotti, is embarked on board the aircraft carrier USS Enterprise (CVN 65) and assigned to Carrier Air Wing Seventeen (CVW-17). Both squadrons represent the last of the forward-deployed A-6 squadrons. They are scheduled to decommission during fiscal year 1997. U.S. Navy photo by Lieut. Pat Etienne. September 26, 1996 - US Navy Digital Imagery
a6last-a.jpg 37991 bytes Last flight of the Intruder. A-6E Intruder number 501 of Attack Squadron Seven Five (VA-75) (the Sunday Punchers), gets the signal from retired U.S. Navy Vice Admiral Richard C. Allen to launch from catapult three on board USS Enterprise (CVN 65). The Sunday Punchers are based at the Naval Air Station Oceana, Va., and flew off Enterprise Dec. 19, 1996. They are the last Intruder squadron to fly from the deck of an aircraft carrier and will be decommissioned in early 1997. Enterprise and her airwing returned from a six month deployment from the Mediterranean and Arabian Gulf on Dec. 20, 1996. Official U.S. Navy photo by Photographer's Mate Airman Timothy Smith. [961219-N-5458S-001] December 19, 1996. - US Navy Digital Imagery
a6_cat.jpg 33983 bytes no description
back-a6.jpg 15869 bytes no description
BD-503.jpg 38012 bytes RAYGUN 503 - VA-35 Intruder during 1979-80 Med/IO deployment. Note green 'recognition' stripe painted on starboard wing.
BD-505.jpg 45349 bytes RAYGUN 505 - This was my jet...or the one with my name painted under the canopy. VA-35 '79-'80 Med/IO deployment.
BD-5_Cakes.jpg 24483 bytes Overhead Delta II - Another shot of the same gaggle. The Viggies (RA-5Cs) and the station wagons (EA-6Bs) held a thousand feet above the Intruders.
BD-A6_Carrier.jpg 144682 bytes Overhead Mother - VA-65 A-6E overhead USS Independence (1974). Another shot by "Heavy 14". Note the B/N taking a shot back up at the Vigie with 35mm.
BD-CAT4.jpg 51684 bytes RAYGUN on Cat 3 - VA-35 A-6E prepares to be launched from Catapult 3 on USS NIMITZ. North Atlantic (1980)
BD-Cupcake501.jpg 42134 bytes The "Skipper's Jet" - 501 Modex tooling around the Agean Sea. (1974)
BD-Cupcake502.jpg 104499 bytes Brand New! - VA-65 A-6E just delivered from Grumman factory (1972). We took delivery of 9 new jets right off the assembly line with sequential BUNOs (158531-158539). Each aircraft immediately received the signature squadron paint sheme. Obviously this was before the 'low vis' paint scheme became required!
BD-DAY_LANDING.jpg 19342 bytes Day Trap - View from the passenger seat for one of the greatest rides on earth!
BD-DECKLOAD.jpg 39433 bytes Deckload of Intruders - The 4.5 acre flight deck gets crowded at the beginning of a launch. In this photo A-6s are on Cats 2 and 4, with one waiting for Cat 3 and my jet waiting for Cat 4. Four more Intruders are up and ready behind Cat 2.
BD-flirview.jpg 22289 bytes FLIR View - USS NIMITZ as seen on FLIR. Note the 'white hot' features on the flight deck such as catapult tracks and engine exhaust plumes.
BD-gas_whale.jpg 35084 bytes Tanker consolidation with the Whale - During the 1973 MidEast conflict we augmented our airwing with Electric Whales (EKA-3B) to give us additional jamming/chaff dropping/tanking capability. Here a VA-65 KA-6D tops off 'Gunpowder 601'.
BD-KC135.jpg 18533 bytes Air Force Salute - Taking fuel from USAF KC-135. North Arabian Sea (1980)
BD-landing.jpg 256082 bytes Case I Recovery - VA-35 Intruder recovering aboard USS Nimitz in North Arabian Sea (1980). I took this shot from 'Vultures' Row' on the port side of the island.
BD-NIMITZUP1.JPG 25637 bytes Going Vertical! - VA-35 section loop over Outer Banks (1979). Another shot by Lou Costello. That's me and my pilot, LCDR Jay Shaffer (who now flies for FEDEX) going straight up.
BD-NITELANDING2.jpg 34749 bytes Night Ops - Intruder trapping at night aboard USS NIMITZ. This event was always followed by a slider and bug juice!
BD-NITELAUNCH.jpg 21849 bytes Night Launch - A VF-84 Tomcat in afterburner on Cat 3 lights up the flight deck. A VAQ-134 EA-6B is on deck while an A-6E waits on Cat 4.
BD-NITE_LANDING.jpg 7940 bytes Night Trap - Front row seat to an exciting event! Compare this shot with the DAY TRAP photo above. Both were shot from about the same distance from the ship. Note the red 'waveoff' lights flashing on the port side of the flight deck.
BD-RaygunItaly2.jpg 45740 bytes Sightseeing - Touring the countryside after working a bombing range in Northern Italy.
BD-Refueling.jpg 66778 bytes Texaco - VA-65 KA-6D passing gas to a pair of VF-102 F-4Js over Nevada (1972). I got this off a long roll of prints from our Vigilante squadron (RVAH-5 I think) during a CVW-7 weapons det to Fallon, NV.
BD-SPEEDBRAKE.jpg 37146 bytes Speedbrake Art - Posing with my pilot (who now flies for United) in front of open speedbrake on VA-35 Intruder aboard USS NIMITZ while cruising Gonzo Station
BD-SSSC2.jpg 36853 bytes SSSC - A mission every Intruder crew will instantly recognize. Many flights from the ship were surface search and surveillance. Here a VA-35 jet overflies a merchant ship somewhere in the Med (1979)
BD-TANKING.jpg 29942 bytes Tanker Check Out - View from the cockpit as my pilot closes in for a plug.
BD-WindowView.jpg 46138 bytes View from my office! - VA-35 Black Panthers (1979). This shot was taken by Grumman photographer Lou Costello, and has been widely seen in various publications over the years. Piloting this jet is LCRD Ron Langford.
BD-Winging_It.jpg 75190 bytes Rendezvous - Trio of Rayguns over the North Arabian Sea (1980)
c68.jpg 31231 bytes Grumman A-6E "Intruder" at the San Diego Aerospace Museum, Gillespie Field
CAW5-shooter.jpg 49644 bytes EA-6 on the ramp - Carrier Air Wing Five in Action
ea-6b.jpg 20810 bytes Grumman EA-6B Prowler
ea6b.jpg 15069 bytes no description
ea6bland.gif 11541 bytes EA-6B Prowler electronic warfare aircraft. Photographer's Mate First Class Craig McClure. J3301-SCN-95-200054. - US Navy Digital Imagery
MK-a6e.jpg 26844 bytes A6E Intruder
MK-va42a6.jpg 20597 bytes An A6 Intruder of VA42
RA-a6.jpg 20618 bytes A6 at Paso Robles - The Estrella Warbirds Museum, based at Paso Robles Airport, has acquired a A-6 Intruder. The Intruder was a carrier based low level attack bomber equipped to deliver weapons on targets completely obscured by weather or darkness. The Intruder entered US Navy service on 1 February 1963 and is currently being phased out.
TIA-a6ecag.jpg 28473 bytes no description
TIA-a6taxi.jpg 52622 bytes no description
TIA-ea6b.jpg 30666 bytes no description
TIA-ea6bnl1.jpg 44844 bytes no description
TIA-ea6bnl2.jpg 41672 bytes no description
TIA-ea6cb.jpg 39554 bytes no description
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