Other and Unknown Airliners

404MOONL.JPG 23656 bytes no description
404SHOWL.JPG 69914 bytes no description
AF-00189.jpg 33206 bytes Crossair Saab 2000, disguised as the Phantom of the Opera.
AF-00414.jpg 23994 bytes This Air France CONCORDE was painted in Pepsi Cola colors for just a few days.
AF-00419.jpg 31702 bytes USAir's first Fokker 100 appeared at the Paris Air Show in the Company's old colors. It was repainted prior to entering service.
arriv.jpg 79566 bytes Arrivals taxing from R27, to the gate (Logan Int'l)
clipcari.jpg 58752 bytes Pan Am Clipper Carribean at Logan 58K
fbplane.jpg 27384 bytes Picture of Fine-Air aicraft that crashed in Florida, Summer 1997
LL-il62.jpg 30087 bytes Ilyushin Il-62 in Aeroflot livery
LL-tu154.jpg 32692 bytes Soviet Airliners Tu154Tupolev Tu-154 in Aeroflot livery
n269at.jpg 41663 bytes American Eagle ATR42
PS-concord.jpg 25345 bytes The plane This was shot on May 18 1996 at the International Airport airshow in Edmaonton. The British Airways plane is accelerating down the runway on its "champagne flight" to Churchill, Manitoba.
RAPTORSS.JPG 11216 bytes no description
TIA-bwl10at.jpg 35496 bytes Lockheed 1011
TOH-AEagle.jpg 55484 bytes Amrican Eagle ATR42 leaving Hilton Head airport
TOH-arba.jpg 41081 bytes Air Aruba EMB-120RT approaching Aruba airport
TOH-Austral.jpg 47473 bytes Austral's YS-11
TOH-cig111.jpg 77620 bytes Chalk's International G111 Albatros taxing at Binmini bay
TOH-CIMALLARD.JPG 72813 bytes Chalk's International G73 Turbo Mallard at Bimini airport
TOH-Climb880.jpg 45112 bytes Climbing JAL's CV880
TOH-Delta.jpg 43446 bytes BEX/Delta Connection BAe146-200 aproaching JFK airport
TOH-jal880.jpg 38075 bytes Japan Air Lines CV880 at Haneda
TOH-jas.jpg 29844 bytes no description
TOH-jas2.jpg 21576 bytes no description
TOH-pannam-7.jpg 45245 bytes Pan American DHC-7 approaching JFK airport
TOH-Paradise.jpg 54508 bytes Paradise Island Airlines DHC-7 taking off Paradise Island, Bahamas
TOH-Pied.jpg 45764 bytes Piedmont's YS-11
TOH-Rainbow.jpg 37348 bytes no description
TOH-snoopy.jpg 37820 bytes no description
TOH-span990.jpg 47434 bytes Spantax CV990
TOH-sws990.jpg 34906 bytes SwissAir CV880
TOH-Takeoff.jpg 16650 bytes no description
TOH-USAir.jpg 45992 bytes US Air Express DHC-8 taking off Hilton Head airport
TOH-VIRGIN340.JPG 55178 bytes Virgin Atlantic Airways A340 parking at Narita/Tokyo airport
TOH-ys.jpg 50055 bytes Cruzeiro's YS-11
USAIRTD4R.JPG 38870 bytes USAir, flaring on 4L, at Logan International.
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Concorde British Aerospace Concorde
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