Sud Aviation Caravelle

00503.jpg 24956 bytes Fuerza Aerea Mexicana (Mexican Air Force)Caravelle at Mexico City. - (c) AVION FOTO
00668.jpg 30190 bytes Caravelle 6R of Iberia. - (c) AVION FOTO
00670.jpg 30105 bytes Thai International Caravelle 3. - (c) AVION FOTO
00671.jpg 22824 bytes Caravelle 10 of TAE, a Spanish charter airline, seen in Frankfurt. - (c) AVION FOTO
00672.jpg 26981 bytes Syrianair Caravelle 10 photographed in Prague. - (c) AVION FOTO
00673.jpg 19103 bytes Sterling Caravelle 10. - (c) AVION FOTO
00674.jpg 36398 bytes An early model Caravelle 3 of SAS withdrawn from use and sitting at Stockholm-Arlanda. - (c) AVION FOTO
00675.jpg 28759 bytes A Caravelle 6N of SABENA, a major European operator of the Caravelle. - (c) AVION FOTO
00676.jpg 21330 bytes Yugoslav Airlines Caravelle 6N, at a museum at Belgrade Airport. Does anyone know if it still exists? - (c) AVION FOTO
00677.jpg 33893 bytes Istanbul Airlines Caravelle 10 photographed from the now-gone terrace at Dusseldorf. - (c) AVION FOTO
00678.jpg 28151 bytes Hispania Caravelle 10 at Zurich. - (c) AVION FOTO
00679.jpg 41055 bytes Finnair Caravelle 10 at Prague. Finnair was another large operator of Caravelles. - (c) AVION FOTO
00680.jpg 32965 bytes Far East Air Transport Caravelle 6R. - (c) AVION FOTO
00681.jpg 17105 bytes EAS Caravelle on lease to Air City at Zurich. - (c) AVION FOTO
00682.jpg 42334 bytes CTA of Switzerland Caravelle 10R at Prague. Finnair was another large operator of Caravelles. - (c) AVION FOTO
00683.jpg 34292 bytes Corse Air Caravelle 6N at Dusseldorf. - (c) AVION FOTO
00684.jpg 23951 bytes A Baltic Airlines Caravelle 10. - (c) AVION FOTO
00685.jpg 21234 bytes One of two ex-Transavia Caravelle 6Rs belonging to Atlanta Skylarks. - (c) AVION FOTO
00686.jpg 30204 bytes Air Zaire Caravelle 11. - (c) AVION FOTO
00687.jpg 19395 bytes Caravelle 12 if Air Inter photographed at Paris-Orly. - (c) AVION FOTO
00688.jpg 27774 bytes Air France Caravelle 3 at Frankfurt. Air France was the world's first operator of the Caravelle. - (c) AVION FOTO
00689.jpg 14896 bytes Air City Caravelle 10, photographed at Zurich, was one of the final Caravelle operators. - (c) AVION FOTO
00690.jpg 17396 bytes Air Caledonie Caravelle 10 at Sydney in February, 1988. - (c) AVION FOTO
00691.jpg 29973 bytes Aero Services Caravelle 6R , seen at Goodyear Field near Phoenix, was originally delivered to United. - (c) AVION FOTO
00692.jpg 28593 bytes Aero Lloyd Caravelle 10 at Dusseldorf. - (c) AVION FOTO
TOH-thai.jpg 66404 bytes Thai International Sud Caravelle
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