Tupolev Tu-154

AF-00001.jpg 17338 bytes TU154M of CHINA SOUTHWEST B-2617 taken at Beijing Capital
AF-00002.jpg 17844 bytes TU154M of CHINA NORTHERN B-2120 taken at Beijing Capital
AF-00061.jpg 53029 bytes TU154M of MIAT - taken at Tokyo-Narita
AF-00088.jpg 18534 bytes no description
AF-00089.jpg 22726 bytes TU154M of AIR KORYO - taken at Tokyo-Haneda
AF-00090.jpg 18450 bytes TU154M of META-MACEDONIAN - taken at Zurich
AF-00103.jpg 14741 bytes TU154M of AIR UKRAINE - taken at Zurich
AF-00104.jpg 28378 bytes TU154M of AZERBAIJAN 4K-85729 taken at Zurich
AF-00105.jpg 19174 bytes TU154 of GREENAIR - taken at Frankfurt.
AF-00106.jpg 22280 bytes TU154 of GUYANA AIRWAYS YR-TPJ taken at JFK.
AF-00208.jpg 29078 bytes TU154 of BELAVIA EW-85748 taken at Shannon.
AF-00224.jpg 28201 bytes TU154M of KMV - taken at Shannon.
AF-00386.jpg 29622 bytes TU154M of CUBANA CU-T1265 taken at Mexico City in new colors
AF-00440.jpg 27701 bytes TU154M of AIR UKRAINE taken at Sharjah AEROFLOT COLOR
AF-00489.jpg 23017 bytes TU154M of DAALLO AIRLINES taken at Sharjaz
AF-00513.jpg 20313 bytes TU154M of ELK ESTONIAN taken at Tallinn
AF-00744.jpg 21955 bytes TU154B-2 of PALAIR MACEDONIAN LZ-BTU taken at Manchester 484
AF-00748.jpg 23193 bytes TU154M of MALS RA-85725 taken at Moscow-Vnukovo 908.
AF-00751.jpg 25435 bytes TU154M of AVIAENERGO RA-85809 taken at Moscow-Vnukovo 985
AF-00752.jpg 27767 bytes TU154 of INTERFLUG - taken at Prague
AF-00753.jpg 19587 bytes TU154M of BASHKIRIAN RA-85774 taken at Domedodovo 956
AF-00756.jpg 25238 bytes TU154M of TYUMENAVIATRANS RA-85796 taken at Moscow-Vnukovo 980
AF-00784.jpg 26521 bytes TU154M of VNUKOVO RA-85615 taken at Vienna
AF-00989.jpg 30582 bytes TU154M of SICHUAN AIRLINES B-2630 taken at Shenzhen 954
AF-00990.jpg 25875 bytes TU154M of CHINA XINHUA AIRLINES B-2607 taken at Shenzhen 72
AF-01076.jpg 21270 bytes TU154 of UZBEKISTAN UK-85575 taken at Zurich
AF-01150.jpg 29977 bytes TU154M of AEROFLOT">AEROFLOT RA-85650 taken at Frankfurt
AF-01155.jpg 27233 bytes TU154M of VIA LZ-MIK taken at Frankfurt
AF-01319.jpg 26334 bytes TU154M of HOLIDAY TC-RAD taken at Pisa
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