Dornier 228

AF-00021.jpg 17716 bytes Olympic Aviation operates several DO228-201s , including SX-BHD , seen landing at Athens.
AF-00339.jpg 35391 bytes DO228-212 of Formosa Airlines B-12257, at Taipei-Sung Shan Airport.
AF-00536.jpg 36542 bytes Japan Air Commuter DO228-200 at Hiroshima.
AF-00584.jpg 26440 bytes DO228-100 of North Cross SE-KTN at Jonkoping.
AF-00639.jpg 25404 bytes Precision Airlines was an early US operator of the DO228-202. N232RP is seen from the old observation deck at La Guardia.
AF-01102.jpg 39853 bytes SE-KKX is a DO228-100 of Airborne seen at Stockholm-Arlanda.
AF-01103.jpg 27021 bytes SE-IKY is a DO228-201 which has made its rounds in Sweden. It is seen here in the colors of Highlander, at Stockholm.
AF-01516.jpg 27996 bytes D-CDAL, a DO228-201 operated by International Flying Services, photographed in Pisa.
AF-01517.jpg 25232 bytes N265MC is a DO228-202 freighter for Mid Atlantic Airlines, at Cincinnati.
AF-01518.jpg 28738 bytes D-CUTT is a DO228-212 of Arcus Air seen at Southend.
AF-01519.jpg 20669 bytes DO228-201 of North Cross SE-KTO, also at Jonkoping. Notice the difference in Length between the -100 and -200.
AF-01520.jpg 29015 bytes 8Q-AMC, DO228-212 of Air Maldives on display at at Asian Aerospace 1992-Singapore.
AF-01521.jpg 28761 bytes DO228-202K of Air Guadeloupe F-OGOF, on short final at St. Maarten.
AF-01522.jpg 31254 bytes 9M-PEL was the first DO228-202K operated by Pelangi Air based in Kuala Lumpur.
AF-01523.jpg 55616 bytes 9M-PEQ, DO228-202 of Pelangi is seen in a later color scheme.
AF-01524.jpg 28384 bytes G-MAFI is a DO228-201 operated for Fisheries Patrol photographed at Guernsey.
AF-01525.jpg 28862 bytes Exec Express was an American operator of N226PT a DO228-202 inflight near Oklahoma City
AF-01526.jpg 24706 bytes Prior to operating for Midway, Fischer Brothers operated for Northwest Airlink. Here, N88FB, a DO228-202 is seen in Northwest Airlink colors at Columbus Ohio.
AF-01527.jpg 22915 bytes D-IDBI, a DO228-202 previously operated by Precision, is photographed in Canberra Australia on a demonstration tour.
AF-01528.jpg 33930 bytes Qwest Air was a short-lived operator of N228BM, a DO228-201 photographed in San Diego.
AF-01529.jpg 16156 bytes DO228-202 of Midway Connection, N101BB operated by Fischer Brothers, lands at Midway.
AF-01530.jpg 26096 bytes ZK-TRD was a DO228-101 of Tranzair an Ansett New Zealand Link, at Auckland.
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