Republic P-47 Thunderbolt

ambxmz51.jpg 14443 bytes tourists huddled around a glossy blue (odd scheme?) P-47
an38.jpg 29878 bytes standard P47 on static display (at WPAFB?)
ap7.jpg 21214 bytes razorback on static display
babl.gif 91444 bytes P47 'Big Ass Bird' revs up for takeoff
c55.jpg 20534 bytes Republic P-47G "Thunderbolt" at the Northrop Air Show (10/1/89 Palmdale, CA)
CrashedP47Razorback.jpg 20933 bytes b/w Scan of a crashed Razorback P47
n47dd.jpg 146852 bytes profile of MX*X (226671) on ground
p-47--.jpg 24196 bytes Dark green P47 w/ Indian head art inflight
p-47-4.gif 124152 bytes p47 on static display
p-47d-FR.jpg 127081 bytes nice pic P47 'No Guts No Glory' inflight
P-47D.JPG 143943 bytes P-47 'Big Ass Bird' S*4P inflight
P47--bw.jpg 35681 bytes b/w (factory fresh?) olive-drab Razorback inflight
p47-01.gif 279995 bytes This aircraft is owned by the Kalamazoo Aviation History Museum and is on display at their facility. strange camo pattern on this 1991 Oshkosh P47
p47-02.gif 143613 bytes no description
p47-2.gif 59691 bytes no description
p47-3.gif 139933 bytes no description
p47.gif 82007 bytes no description
P47.JPG 96361 bytes white-tailed bubbletop P47 inflight
P473.JPG 56854 bytes three P47s inflight
p47a.jpg 161926 bytes no description
p47cd-twist.jpg 15830 bytes no description
p47d-twist.jpg 17561 bytes no description
p47d.jpg 48040 bytes no description
p47dbab.jpg 94091 bytes no description
p47n.jpg 72334 bytes no description
p47n1.jpg 223147 bytes no description
p47n2.jpg 184908 bytes no description
P47NGNG.JPG 46498 bytes beautiful P47 with D-Day markings on tarmac rear view
p47_2.jpg 40887 bytes no description
p47_large.jpg 19746 bytes no description
p47_n.jpg 49352 bytes no description
ts6.gif 28970 bytes no description
wbp47.jpg 60519 bytes no description
WMP47.JPG 46851 bytes 'Spirit of Atlantic City, NJ' on static display at airshow profile view
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