Curtiss P-40 Warhawk

82425.jpg 39538 bytes cutaway ink drawing of Kittyhawk
AM-P40 restoration_001.jpg 80629 bytes no description
AM-p40_01.jpg 31306 bytes no description
AM-p40_02.jpg 43298 bytes no description
AM-p40_20.jpg 80244 bytes no description
AM-p40_21.jpg 69239 bytes no description
AM-p40_22.jpg 40060 bytes no description
AM-p40_23.jpg 64932 bytes no description
curtis1.jpg 31975 bytes b/w of Warhawk in flight
curtis2.jpg 27819 bytes b/w line of Tomahawks on ground
ey15.jpg 82995 bytes 'Flying Tigers' P40 on static display in museum
flytiger.jpg 45146 bytes no description
hawk.jpg 210069 bytes b/w of a P40 peeling off from formation
jpp40.jpg 51589 bytes P40 'Lope's Hope' on static display hanging in museum
jpp402.jpg 71922 bytes typical Flying Tiger on static display in museum
kittyhawk-1.jpg 18558 bytes Kittyhawk sitting on grass - National Aviation Museum Canada
kittyhawk-2.jpg 32252 bytes Kittyhawk cockpit interior - National Aviation Museum Canada
MK-p40.jpg 22028 bytes P-40 shows itself in its unique gear up/down sequence
n1009n.jpg 123609 bytes Curtiss P-40M N1009 at La Ferte Alais airshow, France on May 21, 1988 - (c) Herve Champain
na-p-40-avg.jpg 98711 bytes no description
p-40.jpg 39157 bytes P40 'Miss Jacqeline' Inflight - Planes of Fame East Air Museum
P-40E-KI.JPG 45246 bytes P40-E Kittyhawk inflight from below right front
P-40NA.JPG 40730 bytes front of P40 on static display in museum
p-40_1-X.jpg 11136 bytes no description
P14I4-FlyingTiger.JPG 14725 bytes Flying Tiger P40 on static display in museum
P40----.JPG 29084 bytes Flying Tiger P40 on grass at airshow
p40---.gif 56499 bytes P40 sitting just outside hangar
p40-01.gif 92902 bytes EAA P40 at Oshkosh, WI 1991
p40-1.jpg 32545 bytes Line of parked Tomahawks
P40-2.gif 74374 bytes no description
p40-2.jpg 26219 bytes wartime photo of three crew members and a P40
p40-3-LM.jpg 89216 bytes no description
p40-3.jpg 23586 bytes salute in front of a P40 tail
p40-e.jpg 100639 bytes Kittyhawk inflight
P40-W000.JPG 59332 bytes Flying Tiger P40 inflight - RealSoft Scanning Services / Murray Ky.
p40-w001-.jpg 49530 bytes AVG P40 inflight from above front left
P40-W002.JPG 185055 bytes Flying Tiger P40 on ground. Note wheelcap decoration
P40-W004.JPG 37514 bytes P40 Inflight
P40-W005.jpg 261261 bytes P40 Taxiing
P40-W007.jpg 234189 bytes no description
P40-W008.jpg 257063 bytes no description
P40-W009.jpg 288720 bytes no description
P40-W010.jpg 300802 bytes no description
P40-WARH.GIF 7040 bytes drawing of P40s flying in formation
P40-WARH.JPG 174918 bytes P40 inflight shows its underside
p40-wh2.jpg 230258 bytes no description
p40.jpg 114544 bytes olive green P40 sitting on tarmac profile view
P40a--bw.jpg 139104 bytes b/w mechanics working on P40 armament
P40b--bw.jpg 52438 bytes b/w line of P40s on grass airfield
p40b.jpg 46140 bytes b/w P40 sitting on grass from front left - USN Photo
p40brit1.jpg 185172 bytes close up of front of a P40
p40c.jpg 44919 bytes b/w P40-C sitting on grass from front-left - USN Photo
p40d.jpg 24719 bytes b/w P40-D inflight - USN Photo
p40e.jpg 39961 bytes b/w profile photo of P40-E inflight - USN Photo
p40f.jpg 26308 bytes b/w profile of P40-F inflight - USN Photo
p40k-b01.gif 81803 bytes P40K cockpit interior (left side)
p40k-b02.gif 89046 bytes P40K cockpit interior (center)
p40k-b03.gif 82753 bytes P40K cockpit interior (right side)
p40k.jpg 48779 bytes b/w P40-K profile view - USN Photo
p40l.gif 81044 bytes P40 on taxiway
P40TAXI.JPG 39107 bytes P40 in AVG scheme taxiing during airshow
pp402.jpg 36568 bytes no description
prf_p40k.gif 16626 bytes b/w three-view profile drawing of P40-K
RA-p40.jpg 45287 bytes P40 Kittyhawk at Santa Maria
tiger77.jpg 95117 bytes profile view of P40 on grass
tigers.jpg 42362 bytes b/w of line of P40s at airfield being guarded
tomahawk.jpg 20562 bytes artistic rendering of a P40 - Rome Dome
ts2.gif 27988 bytes midsection of P40
ts3.gif 28964 bytes front of of a P40
warhawk--.jpg 26626 bytes profile drawing of P40
warhawk.jpg 139228 bytes err... Kittyhawk on tarmac
wb01.jpg 48739 bytes P40 inflight at airshow - photo by
wb02.jpg 52996 bytes P40 inflight at airshow - photo by
wb03.jpg 42090 bytes P40 inflight at airshow - photo by
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