Modern Aircraft Carriers

3CARRIERS.JPG 19216 bytes no description
79850.JPG 170718 bytes An ex.Essex class aircraft carrier, converted to assault ship, redesignated LHA-2 Saipan.
ArkRoyal.jpg 81390 bytes no description
BB-carrier1.jpg 10969 bytes no description
BB-cato.jpg 9369 bytes no description
bridge68.jpg 17278 bytes no description
cable.jpg 18587 bytes no description
CARRIER--.JPG 31488 bytes CV-63 Kittw Hawk, one of the last non-nuclear American carriers still in activ sevice.
CARRIER.JPG 127312 bytes no description
carrier0.jpg 46424 bytes A Nimitz class nuclear carrier.
catapult.jpg 12437 bytes no description
chaff.jpg 19030 bytes no description
ciws-ent.jpg 9958 bytes Phalanx (6-baarrel 20 mm. fast gun) CIWS (Close-in-Warfare-System) aboard CVN-65 Enterprise. Usually each carrier is equipped with 3-4 CIWS's short range anti aircraft protection.
cvn68.jpg 11740 bytes no description
cvn68bow.jpg 18361 bytes no description
cvn68stn.jpg 24107 bytes no description
cvn70.jpg 9574 bytes CVN-70 Carl Vinson, Nimitz class, commissioned 1982.
cvn72.jpg 15012 bytes CVN-72 Abraham Lincoln, Nimitz class, commisioned 1989.
cvn72bow.jpg 22195 bytes no description
cvn72twr.jpg 20502 bytes no description
cvn74.jpg 42408 bytes CVN-74 John C. Stennis, Nimitz class. It is the newest nuclear carrier, commisioned 1995.
elevator.jpg 31802 bytes no description
ENT-TOWER.JPG 14997 bytes no description
ent-twr2.jpg 14384 bytes no description
ENTERPRISE.GIF 49440 bytes CVN-65 Enterprise, the first nuclear carrier, deployed 1961.
football.jpg 14944 bytes no description
HANGAR-CVN68.JPG 21921 bytes no description
hangar.jpg 31557 bytes no description
ils.jpg 16301 bytes the "meatball"
indy.jpg 34578 bytes CV-62 Independence, Forrestall class, commisioned 1959, to be transfered to reserves during 1998, when the new CVN-75 (Harry Trumann) enters actine service.
jbd-1.jpg 18699 bytes no description
jbd-2.jpg 23316 bytes no description
jetblast.jpg 19432 bytes no description
jfk.jpg 27719 bytes CV-67, John Fitzgerald Kennedy, one of the last non-nuclear American carriers still in active service. The JFK functions also as a training carrier.
LIFEBOATS.JPG 11692 bytes no description
MK-kitty.gif 48301 bytes no description
na-a-c~foch.jpg 214293 bytes Foch - one of the two French operational carriers (the second is Clemanceau). On deck some Super-Etendard fighter-bombers, Zephyr trainers and helicopters for SAR and ASW roles.French aircraft carrier Foch
na-arcroyal.jpg 81390 bytes British aircraft carrier Arc Royal
na-kuznetzv.jpg 106235 bytes ex-USSR aircraft carrier Admiral Kuznetsov
na-uss_gw.jpg 46424 bytes no description
nimitz.jpg 14666 bytes CVN-68 Nimitz, first of 7 Nimitz class active carriers, the 8th (CVN-75) is due to enter service this year, and one more (CVN-76) is planned to 2002.
number.jpg 20595 bytes Tower of CVN-68 Nimitz nuclear carrier. On the left side of the photo is seen a E-2C Hawkeye.
okinawa.jpg 16381 bytes no description
sidecar.jpg 29952 bytes CV-59 Forrestal, the first of the "Super Carriers" series.The carrier was deployed 1955 and served till 1993.
uss_gw.jpg 46424 bytes CVN-73 George Washington,nuclear carrier, Nimitz class.
uss_tr.jpg 51820 bytes CVN-71 Theodore Roosevelt nuclear carrier, the 4th of Nimitz class
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