Assorted WWII German Aircraft

109-4.jpg 32710 bytes Junkers Ju-290 together with a Me109 in the background.
Ar240.jpg 0 bytes Arado Ar 240 Multirole Aircraft
Bu131.jpg 19476 bytes Bu 131 Jungmann, Bucker
Bu133.jpg 17379 bytes Bu 133 Jungmeister, Bucker
Bu180.jpg 17954 bytes Bucker Bu-180 Student, a two-seat light cabin monoplane, manufactured in Germany during thr late 30's.
Bu181.jpg 14085 bytes Bu 181 Bestmann, Bucker
Bu182.jpg 16688 bytes no description
Bv138.jpg 16094 bytes Blohm und Voss BV138 reconnaissance flying boat
Bv144.jpg 11158 bytes Blohm und Voss Bv144 (???)
Bv222.jpg 15122 bytes Blohm und Voss BV 222 Wiking long range transport/maritime reconnaissance and patrol aircraft
f-azcd.jpg 23942 bytes Pilatus P.2 F-AZCD at La Ferte Alais airshow, France on June 1 1995 - (c) Herve Champain
fokker_1.jpg 24223 bytes Fokker D.XXI, the most succesful Dutch-built fighter, was operated widely by several countries occupied by the Natzis.
fw200condor.jpg 52288 bytes b/w Focke-Wulf Fw200 Condor
hoixa.gif 120174 bytes Ho IX, Horten
hs129.jpg 21603 bytes Henschel Hs 129
hs129b.jpg 10894 bytes Henschel Hs 129
Ju290B1.jpg 26863 bytes Junkers Ju290-B1 - thanks to the Luftwaffe Resource Page for the correct description
luft0074.jpg 9051 bytes Heinkel He-280 in early 1942 tests with company sponsored (as opposed to BMW-003 or Jumo-004) engines.

luft0084.jpg 15169 bytes Heinkel He115
luft0085.jpg 14815 bytes Heinkel He115
luft02.jpg 42795 bytes Messerschmitt P. 1101 - (thanks to Scott Rose and the Luftwaffe Resource Page for the correct description)
luft06.jpg 23876 bytes b/w Gotha Go2422 assault/troop transport glider
luft15.jpg 24478 bytes b/w wingless Gotha Go 229 (Horten Ho IX)
luft16.jpg 32741 bytes another shot of wingless Go229 (Horten Ho IX)
luft21.jpg 15623 bytes Ju 88A. This plane has been captured as the original markings were painted over and then reapplied incorrectly. - (thanks to Scott Rose and the Luftwaffe Resource Page for the correct description)
luft23.jpg 21639 bytes Captured Ju388 - (thanks to Scott Rose and the Luftwaffe Resource Page for the correct description)
luft60.jpg 29902 bytes no description
luft67.jpg 35952 bytes Ju 288, disassembled and waiting for processing into storage at what eventually became the Garber facility. - (thanks to Scott Rose and the Luftwaffe Resource Page for the correct description)
SCHLEPP.GIF 85024 bytes no description - Planes of Fame East Air Museum
SIG-ARADO190A.JPG 19019 bytes Arado 190 A from 1./Bordfliegergr. 196 onboard the light cruiser Konigsberg, Bergen 9.4.40 - courtesy of Olve Dybvig / SIG Luftwaffe (Norway)
SIG-HE115.JPG 17630 bytes Heinkel He115 - courtesy of Olve Dybvig / SIG Luftwaffe (Norway)
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Helicopters German Experimental Helicopters
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